Make your order in ICONETA.com and be different, start to feel the fashion ...

In ICONETA.com your purchase is easy and safe, just select the product you want, add it to the cart and once you enter the shopping cart, enter the data to send your order.

Here are the steps in the purchase process:

1. Enter ICONETA.com and choose the products you want to buy.
2. Add the products to your "Cart". Remember that shipping is FREE for shipments to Spain !.
3. Click ¨Confirm¨ in the upper right to see your order.
4. If you are a registered user, enter your information in "Are you already registered?".
5. If you are new, fill in the registration form in "New client".
6. Verify that the shipping address is correct or change if you want to receive your order in another direction and click on "Save". Remember that the delivery address you put, you can receive the order in your home, your work or send it directly to the person you want to surprise.
7. Accept the general conditions of sale by clicking on it. If you wish you can leave us a message with everything you want to tell us as shipping instructions etc.
8. Confirm the order by clicking on "Confirm the order".
9. At ICONETA.com, we automatically receive your order information and immediately begin preparing it for shipment.

»How can I find products on ICONETA.com?
»What does it mean that the processing is handcrafted?
»How do I select my size?
»How do I know that the order has arrived at ICONETA.com?
»What payment methods can I use?
»What type of bank card can I use?
»I forgot my ICONETA.com password, what do I do?
»Are the freights at ICONETA.com FREE?
»What are the delivery times at ICONETA.com?
»How do I enter my delivery address?
»Can I return a product?

How can I find products on ICONETA.com?
On the main page of our website you can find the products divided by gender, type and collections, you just have to click on the category or collection that you want to consult and you will go immediately to it. When you find the product you are interested in, click on its name or title to consult its information page. On this page you will find detailed information about the product as well as the images of the product. If this is the product you want to buy, add it to your "Carrito".

What does it mean that the processing is handcrafted?
As we indicate in all our products, the making, printing or embroidery of the same ones is done of artisan form in our workshop. This craft process makes each garment unique with its own small nuances.

How do I select my size?
In each product we will show you the sizes available so that you can select the size you want to receive. Also, in the link "Guide sizes" we will show you a summary with the measures and dimensions of each of the products.

With these measures we will give you, the easiest way to avoid mistakes when selecting your size is by measuring a garment similar to what you already have at home and selecting, for those measures, the one that will fit you best. Look you want.

How do I know the order has arrived at ICONETA.com?
Once you confirm your order, ICONETA.com automatically receives the information of your order and immediately begins to prepare it for shipment.

We also send you a confirmation email with your order. At all times, entering with your user code on our website you can keep track of your order.

What payment methods can I use?
In ICONETA.com we want to facilitate the action of payment, so we put at your disposal the most secure way on the Internet to make the payment.

Through PayPal you can make the payment with your credit card, debit card or PayPal account.

In the payment with PayPal or card (through the secure PayPal gateway) ICONETA.com guarantees that every transaction you make is 100% safe. All operations involving the transmission of bank data are performed using a secure environment based on Secure Socked Layer (SSL) technology. All the information you transmit travels encrypted through the network and will only receive PayPal.

After completing the purchase process and confirming your order, we will connect you via secure connection directly to PayPal, from where you will enter the data to pay your order and confirm it. PayPal then indicates if the transaction is compliant and our system will automatically begin processing your order.

ICONETA.com does not record that information in its database since it does not have any access to it.

What type of bank card can I use?
In ICONETA.com the payment with card is made through the secure payment gateway of PayPal accepting any type of bank card like VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, etc.

We ensure that your credit card details are protected at all times and that we will never have access to them as they are entered via secure connection directly to PayPal.

I forgot my password ICONETA.com, what do I do?
To reset your ICONETA.com password, click on the link ¨ Forgot your password? ¨ that you will find when you click on "Login". Just enter your email address and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.

How much do ICONETA.com postage cost?
Shipping is always FREE for all shipments to mainland Spain.

For the rest of the destinations, the postage is:

Shipping to mainland Spain: FREE
Shipments to Ceuta and Melilla: € 9.00 and FREE for orders over € 55
Shipments to the Balearic and Canary Islands: € 9.00 and FREE for orders over € 55
Shipping to the rest of Europe: € 9.00 and FREE for orders over € 55
Shipping to the rest of the World: € 15.00 and FREE for orders over € 90

What are the delivery times at ICONETA.com?
To calculate the delivery times you have to take into account that, once we receive your order, it is specially made for you in a totally handmade way. Taking into account that the garments have to be made, the delivery times are:

Shipping to Peninsular Spain: From 1 to 2 days (working days)
Shipping to Ceuta and Melilla: From 5 to 7 days (working)
Shipments to Balearic Islands and Canary Islands: From 5 to 7 days (working days)
Shipping to the rest of Europe: From 5 to 7 days (working days)
Shipping to the rest of the World: From 10 to 15 days (working)

How do I enter my shipping address?
Tell us where you want us to deliver your order. Remember that you must add both the name of the street and the number of the building and the number of the floor, floor, unit or corresponding room. Also, do not forget to enter the zip code in the box reserved for it.

We recommend that you enter a valid phone number in the corresponding box, so that we can contact you in case there is a problem during the delivery of your order.

Can I return a product?
Without problems, in ICONETA.com we understand that three types of returns can be given:
• That the product has arrived defective or not the one you requested, in this case you must let us know by sending an email to info@iconeta.com and we will proceed to change immediately and at no cost.
• If you wish to cancel the order, in this case, if the order has not yet left you can cancel the order and you will be refunded the full amount of your order without any cost. In the event that your order has already been sent, we will have to wait until it arrives at our premises to proceed with the refund of your order less the corresponding shipping costs.
• If you wish to change the product for another size, in this case, if the order has not yet left, we will proceed to the requested change. In case your order has already been sent and you want to change it for another size, you must send the product for us to proceed with the change. In this case, both the shipment to our facilities and the reshipment of the new size will be at your expense. We can not determine what is the cost of shipping to our facilities, as it will depend on how you get it, but if the reshipment with the new size, this cost is € 6 and you must pay before we send the new product.