Our history

ICONETA | Original Garments

After more than 10 years working for the leading national and international fashion firm, it is time to do only what we want.

ICONETA is the nonconformist result of a second generation that has much to say in the world of fashion and wants to unleash their imagination.

A young and innovative brand born to respond to an audience that understands fashion, but is tired of always seeing the same.

New product

A handcrafted product of the highest quality

We only use products and raw materials of superior and recognized quality.

All our creations are handcrafted in our workshop in Malaga.


"It was time for you to give this step, there is much that you have to say and much that you will speak."

A.C.T. Friend and fashion designer

"Wishing to see your creations invading the networks and streets of half the world."

V.C.S. Coolhunter Fashion

"As you know, you have all my support. So far I have put clothes made by you for other companies and now I want a product, similarly made by you, but by the signature ICONETA. "

G.G. Fashion blogger